Our Mission and Purpose

    The purpose of the MetroWest  Mission Hub is to establish a rapport with and focus on the  linguistically, culturally, structurally or economically isolated Brazilian community in the MetroWest region.  MetroWest is uniquely placed to draw cultures together in the name of Christ, and the work is urgent. In Framingham, inter-ethnic tension has merited investigation by the Justice department, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League. Similar tensions in Marlborough also raise deep concern.

    Members of the Brazilian community expressed this need as a concern that Brazilian people in the MetroWest area, because of language barriers, are less able to access higher education for themselves and their children, and to acquire good jobs, resulting in lowered self-determination. Parents can’t provide tutorial support to their children, parents can’t speak freely with teachers and educators and health service providers. The problems increase when parents have children with special needs. 

    The HUB mission partners believe that the first barrier for an immigrant individual to overcome is his/her ability to communicate with others. The English support will  provide a chance for people to access better jobs, and strengthen relationships among families, and offer families access to engagement with the wider community.

    Family ties are the foundation of community. Giving  families an  opportunity to strengthen themselves will reflect  positively back on our communities, increase education levels and improve job prospects. English language development will create more engagement in and eventually generate more participation in the community .

    The Hub proposes to establish an English Language Development Center in Marlboro, drawing on the experience of the Brazilian Cultural Studies School (Português Plus) already operating in Framingham. This new Center will provide English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, with an eye to specialized coaching and mentoring in several areas of concern, such as interfacing with school services, healthcare, domestic violence services, and every day legal matters.

    To the Brazilian families in the MetroWest area, the HUB will provide services such as counseling in the follow areas:

  • Healthcare translation services
  • Better access to public services
  • Financial coaching
  • Domestic violence counseling and support
  • Interfacing with school system to access services for student, including special needs students
  • Everyday legal support
  • Small business development workshops. 
  • Developing soft skills – professionalism, job teamwork, interviewing skills

    Existing methodologies will be used whenever possible to make sure that the programs used are certified and that testing is done to ensure that validation of the services is reviewed on a monthly basis. We will partner with the towns of Framingham, Marlboro, Hudson and existing organizations to provide ESL services.  Children’s language and culture classes will use the highly successful Português Plus format already in use in Framingham and expand it to the other towns within our hub. For legal and citizenship clinics we will partner with local organizations.

    Conversational English will be enhanced with volunteers from each of the member churches. This will create opportunities for fellowship among the partner hub community members and the target Brazilian populations.

    To strengthen ties among the Hub board, we commit ourselves to learning Portuguese and English.  Our goal is to provide these workshops and all our materials in both English and Portuguese.


    The constituent members of the Hub are:

  • All Right Ministry, a ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America
  • A Special Grace, ministry with people on the Autism Spectrum, ECUSA
  • Bethel Presbyterian Church in Marlboro
  • Christ Episcopal Church in Medway
  • Epiphany Episcopal Church in Walpole
  • St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Framingham
  • St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Hudson
 ProGente Connections has offices and classrooms in two locations


St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

Three Maple Street

Framingham • MA • 01702


 Bethel Presbyterian Church

86 Pleasant St

Marlborough • MA •01752